The Information You Need About Common Riverside, CA Pests

Finding bed bugs on your mattress or rodents in your office’s break room is an unpleasant surprise for anyone. Understanding a little bit about these pests can help you gain some control over a bad situation. Our Pest Library will help you learn the information you need to know about the pests that most commonly invade Riverside homes and businesses.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small insects that feed on warm-blooded animal blood, with human blood being their favorite food source. Since we are their favorite food source, bed bugs have a deep desire to live with people.


Living in structured communities, ants work together to take over any property they decide offers them suitable nesting sites and areas to forage for food. Ant colonies are “run” by the queens and taken care of by workers.


Termites are a pest that, as a group, cause more than five billion dollars in damages across the United States each year. These little creatures are not a pest you want to gamble with and “hope” they don’t find a way into your home.


Flying insects closely related to hornets and ants, bees, are a common pest and an essential part of the ecosystem. Bees are responsible for the pollination of many flowers, crops, and other plants.


Cockroaches are common invaders of homes and businesses. Most species thrive in warm environments, but these insects are highly adaptable and quickly make themselves at home in various habitats.


Crickets are a type of insect that regularly finds a way into our yards and homes. These insects have a rounded head, long thin antennae, and wings bent down at an angle, resting on the side of their body.


The earwig can be upsetting for people to discover inside their homes. The set of pincers (cerci) extending from the flattened elongated body make this insect appear more threatening than they are.


Though gophers are active year-round, they are rarely seen by people as they spend most of their lives in the ground. Gophers are significant lawn and garden pests that can move onto and damage any property that provides them with ample sources of food.


The way we identify rodents from other mammals is by their teeth. Rodents have front incisors that grow continuously throughout their entire life. They stop their teeth from overgrowing by chewing on anything they come across.


Spiders are arachnids, not insects; this means they have two body parts, no wings, and adults have eight legs. Spiders are a pest that many people fear and don’t want to run into, especially not inside their homes.

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