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Bed Bug FAQ’s   

Have you recently found bed bugs in your Wildomar or Murrieta, CA home or business?

Bed bugs are a huge nuisance.

There are lots of questions about how your home or office may have become infested. The good news is that you have found the local bed bug experts in Wildomar and Murrieta, CA. Below are some of the most frequent questions we get about bed bugs and bed bugs treatment. If you think your home or office may be infested by bed bugs give us a call today at (951) 259-8243.

What are bed bugs? 

Bed bugs can be sneaky and can be found any place humans spend a lot of time without moving, such as: beds, sofa’s, recliner chairs, homes, hospitals, libraries, schools, doctors office, movie theaters, rehab centers, retirement homes, taxi cabs, buses, elevators, hotel rooms, gyms, college dorms, churches, buses, trains, planes. Bed bugs can live in a wide variety of environments and can be found in most places’ humans occupy.

Do bed bugs spread disease? 

Bed bugs carry a lot of bad organisms, but research has not proven that they can spread these organisms. This doesn’t mean that they are not dangerous. Bed bugs can be a nuisance for you and your loved ones if not treated properly.

What are the signs and symptoms of bed bug infestation?

If you have been bitten by a bed bug you can have itchy bites and welts. Here is an example of a bed post that has been infested with bed bugs.

How did I get bed bugs?

Because bed bugs occupy most places humans gather, you can get them in a wide variety of ways. Essentially, bed bugs travel as hitchhikers. You may have picked them up at work, school, church, hospital, movies, library, college dorm, hotel/motel. It’s impossible to locate specically where you picked up the bed bug.

Do bed bugs live just in beds?

No. Once again, bed bugs are hitchhikers and you can get them in a wide variety of ways. Bed bugs live in beds, bed cushions, bed frames, couches, chairs, carpet and walls. Bed bugs typically feed at night so you more likely will get bitten while you are sleeping in your bed or couch.

Do bed bugs pose any health risks that I should be worried about?

There are a variety of side effects to a bed bug bite besides the actual bite itself. Bed bug bites have proven to cause stress, anemia, anxiety and allergic reactions.

What makes your treatment of bed bugs different than other local bed bug removal companies?

At MadCo Pest we use a proprietary process to remove bed bugs. Our unique process is based on scientic research by Dr. Michael Potter from the University of Kentucky. We are so sure of our process that all our services come with a full 1 year no questions asked guarantee.

I think I have a bed bug infestation. What should I do?

You have come to the right place. If you have a bed bug infestation in Wildomar, Murrieta, CA and surrounding communities give the beg bug removal professionals at MadCo Pest-A-Side a call today at 951.259.8243. We will come out to your home or ofce and do a through bed bug inspection.

How can I find specially trained pest control companies that treat bed bugs?

Many local companies say they are specially trained but there is no industry standard of training for bed bug control. Most bed bug training is provided by chemical company reps who are trying to sell the company their specific brand of bed bug chemical. Essentially you are getting whichever chemical the local company thinks may treat the beg bug problem. Instead, we go directly to the source of true research on bed bug control – Dr. Michael Potter from the University of Kentucky. He is the leading researcher in the field of bed bugs and bed bug control. We rely on his scientific research and findings to train all our bed bug technicians. No other local company uses our products or methods to safely remove bed bugs from your home or office.

How do I know if I have been bitten by a bed bug?

When bed bugs bite, they leave a large red mark that can become puffy and raised. Take a look at the included photo. This is a great example of a bed bug bite.

Why do bed bugs show up frequently in hotels?

Historically, international travelers carry bed bugs with them from their country of origin without even realizing it. When bed bugs show up in a hotel room, the hotel will hire a company like MadCo Pest to safely and effectively treat the specific room and the surrounding rooms to ensure the bed bugs have been removed.

What do bed bugs look like?

Depending on the age of the bed bug they can come in an assortment of sizes.

Why do bed bugs have a comeback?

More times than not, when bed bugs comeback they were not treated right the first time. Because of our proprietary scientific process, we do not see bed bugs come back. If your home or business was previously treated for bed bugs and you have seen a resurgence, give us a call today at 951.259.8243. We guarantee you won’t see bed bugs for another 12 months.

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